SynWAT - Unique WorkFlow Automation System for Revenue Cycle & Medical Record Management
What is SynWAT?

Synigence has always strived towards developing automated technology enabled solutions in offering healthcare revenue cycle and document management services.

SynWAT facilitates delivery of multiple offshore processes involved in the healthcare document management industry like Release of medical records, record request and retrieval, medical summarisation of records and checking state, federal and HIPAA compliances.

SynWAT is built around in-depth understanding of medical and healthcare related documents like patient demographics, physician prescriptions, diagnosis and consultation notes as well as insurance information, EOBs, denials and appeals.

What makes SynWAT different ?
  • SynWAT is built on enriching experience of Synigence, it’s core competency with respect to working on multiple hospital owned as well as service provider document management platforms.
  • The core schema of SynWAT is in compliance with the ISO regulations and HIPAA norms for protected health information and data security.
  • SynWAT as a system has a deeper understanding of the federal, state and facility based compliance rules and regulations.
  • SynWAT’s key features include real time and automated allocation and monitoring of work amongst agents and quality staff, applying automated quality control checks , allowing access to updated rules and message board and access to anytime and customised MIS.