SynDoc Release of Information (ROI) Solutions

If you are a ROI Services company that is working onsite/remotely to manage the release of medical records for healthcare provider organisations, SynDoc ROI Solutions allow you to manage turnaround times, quality parameters and compliance requirements across your volume spikes, new client transitions and hiring challenges.

Our experienced ROI team can provide end to end processing across the spectrum of a medical request release transaction while using proprietary automated work flow and quality check tools following requester / delivery / billing / HIPAA specific guidelines :

  • Create the log/record for each request and digitize the request / Access request on the online platform using remote secure web access
  • Review the documents attached in the record and the indicated guidelines to identify the requester category, name, address
  • Check for HIPAA compliances as required for requester type / Check for facility / state / federal / requester specific rules and checklists
  • Create internal or external action and escalate as required
  • Check the billing rate and delivery preference to be used per guidelines
  • Assign as required after all due checks and reviews / Invoice for the Request release as per the invoicing guidelines

SynDoc Solutions is a comprehensive system offering effective document management solutions to the healthcare sector. Apart from well equipped ROI solutions it also integrates services such as Medical Record Retrieval and Medical Document Summarisation