SynDoc Record Retrieval Solutions

Our SynDoc Record Retrieval Solutions assist Record Retrieval / Copy Services Companies in ordering, organizing and sorting records nationwide for their insurance, legal and other requester clients.

Our unique technology and process driven approach provides our MRR Services clients,

  • Record Retrieval Industry Knowhow across every state and case type
    • Civil / Federal / Request for Production
    • Workers Compensation / Arbitration / Probate / Stipulations
    • Foreign Subpoenas / Pre Litigation Review
  • Comprehensive Data security and Compliance through wide variety of physical, technical and administrative safeguards to comply with HIPAA regulations
  • Processing capabilities using automated work flow and quality assurance tools across
    • Record Request Data Entry & Validation
    • Facility Search & Verification
    • Request Submission / HIPAA Compliance Check
    • Coordinate Retrieval with Facility, Update Status & Follow-up
    • Quality Check & Chronological Organization Post Records Receipt
  • Industry leading Turnaround times and enhanced customer care
  • Attractive Processing Cost savings and ability to manage high workloads / new client additions

Apart from effective retrieval of information our comprehensive solution - SynDoc - also offers a suite of other services relevant for smooth functioning of the healthcare sector, which includes Retrieval of information (ROI) and >Medical Document Summarization .