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Our Healthcare Document Management Solutions – Synigence DMS

Synigence DMS suite of services and its core team experience extends across different aspects of electronic medical record management, clinical document review, legal document retrieval and review as well as HIPAA & Data privacy focused medical document review and compliance checks in processes like Release of Information.

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Synigence provides Document Management Solutions to both Healthcare Providers as well as to Release of Information (ROI)/Medical Record Retrieval (MRR)/Copy Services Companies.

For Healthcare Providers

For ROI/MRR/Copy Services Companies

Synigence – Our Medical Record Retrieval / ROI Expertise

Synigence MRR/ ROI team has worked with multiple MRR, ROI and Document Management System platforms where the Patient data & documents are stored, archived and retrieved / released on behalf of facility clients

Synigence has extensive domain knowledge and process expertise of having set up, scaled and managed various offshore processes for remote application driven MRR & ROI environments like

- Electronic archival of documents / Chronological Arrange/

- Medical Summarising of the Request Documents

- ROI request creation & assignment

- MRR Request Data Entry & Validation

- Managing HIPAA requirements & compliance in both MRR and ROI processes

- Managing Facility (MRR) / Requestor (ROI) Response and Communication

- Managing the Electronic billing for requests (both MRR & ROI Processes)

- Follow up with Facility for MRR till record receipt

Synigence – Requester Type Understanding

Our MRR/ ROI team has handled document / data from multiple requester categories and understands the strict HIPAA compliance protocol for handling such documents on behalf of the ROI company/their facility clients / Requesters:

- Patients

- Physicians

- Federal & Private Insurances

- Copy Service / 3rd Party Services

- Lawyer

- Disability / Social Security

- Worker’s Compensation Insurances

- Motor Vehicle Accident Insurances

- Government / Government Audit / Review

Synigence – DMS Specific Protocol per HIPAA Guidelines

- Due to working on multiple hospital owned as well as service provider DMS platforms, Synigence has developed a deep understanding of the HIPAA compliance rules and requirements for handling document indexing / archiving.

- Our management and operational team is well versed in the HIPAA compliance rules for:

     - File sharing

     - Setting security parameters

     - Classification of documents

- Our management and operational team is well versed in the HIPAA compliance rules for:

These rules and guidelines have been imbibed within the Staff training protocol followed at Synigence and implemented with strict adherence.