Synigence HomeH

Home Healthcare billing is growing more complicated due to ever changing and cumbersome billing regulations, technical requirements, authorizations and many years of training which leads to decline in reimbursements and increase in operational costs. Trying to learn home healthcare billing and high turnover in billing staff can be overwhelming and frustrating leading to cash flow disruptions.

Synigence HomeH line of billing solutions provides years of experience and expertise in home healthcare billing and collections that a home healthcare agency needs to boost their financials and increase the profitability. Our Medical coders and billers identify and translate health care providers’ documentation, apply the correct industry codes and submit a claim. Secondly, you can save yourself the trouble of having to make tedious follow-ups for account receivables and training your personnel to keep them updated about the latest requirements of insurance companies and government mandates.

If you are a Home Health Agency, the Synigence HomeH billing experts can,
  • Bill home health claims to all Fiscal intermediaries including Palmetto GBA, National Government Services (NGS) and CGS and to all variety of payers including Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, Commercial Insurances and Managed care and across all billing forms and formats – PPS, HCFA 1500, UB92, UB04 and electronic billing.
  • Support all aspects of billing functions such as OASIS entry, DDE research and entry, RAP and FINAL bill requirements, Medicaid billing and processing of Medicaid VOIDS.
  • Based on the OASIS assessment, bill your RAP (Request for Anticipated Payment) claims to Medicare within 7 days of your episode start date so as to determine the anticipated revenue for the episode of care.
  • Bill your RAP claims within 48 hours maximum once your OASIS assessment is complete.
  • Work with you closely to complete the therapy assessment completed timely so that the services do not get denied as non-covered on HH PPS (Home Health Prospective Payment System).
  • Handle cases of Low Utilization Payment Adjustment (LUPA) and Partial Episode Payment (PEP).