Our HIPAA Compliant IT and Delivery Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure, technology, people and processes are fully HIPAA compliant. We take the following steps to ensure complete HIPAA compliance.

  • Access into the delivery area and restricted areas like IT / Server rooms are restricted through authorized Identity cards.
  • Movements in and out of the restricted areas are monitored through CCTV and detailed logs are maintained.
  • Each employee, irrespective of their designation, sign a HIPAA confidentiality agreement when they join the organization with a severe penalty for violation.
  • HIPAA training is conducted as part of the new employee Induction program and each employee has to pass HIPAA test every year.
  • Incase an employee fails to pass the HIPAA test or if there is any violation of the HIPAA compliance, this invites a severe penalty that may lead to termination of service.
  • Access to the PHI Information is restricted to the extent of “need to know”.
  • PHI information cannot be downloaded, copied, printed or extracted in any form.