SynDoc Solutions - Document Management Solutions for Healthcare Sector

Synigence is your one stop destination for a suite of document management solutions for healthcare organisations globally. What we offer is a perfect blend of Intelligence & Synergy that is technology enabled to make your access, retrieval and use of medico-legal-insurance records easy

SynDoc Document Management range of solutions extend across different aspects of HIPAA controlled medical record management for Release of Information (ROI), Medico-Legal-Insurance Record Retrieval (MRR), Legal Processing Services (LPS), Document Management Services (DMS) Companies that cover,

  • Electronic archival of patient records and medical documents for hospitals, physician practices, home health and home infusion organisations
  • Release of Information (ROI) related processes for ROI/Copy Services Companies
  • Document Review for pre bill audits and denial management to ensure completeness
  • Chart Migration solutions across multiple EMR systems for EMR Conversions / Hospital system M&As / Acquisitions of Physician Practices
  • Medical and Legal Document Retrieval (MRR) and Medical Summarisation for Insurance, Legal and Service Companies

Our Document Management Solutions offer the following services :

Release of Information

If you are a ROI Services company working onsite /remotely to manage the release of medical records for healthcare provider organisations, SynDoc ROI Solutions allow you to manage turnaround times, quality parameters, compliance requirements, new client transitions and hiring challenges.

Medical Record Retrieval

Our SynDoc Record Retrieval Solutions assist Record Retrieval / Copy Services Companies in ordering, organizing and sorting records nationwide for their insurance, legal and other requester clients. Our unique technology and process driven approach provides our end to end MRR Services to our clients.

Medical Record Summarisation

SynDoc Medical Record Indexing, Chronology & Summarisation Solutions assist legal and insurance processing companies in spending more time in claim management than administrative tasks. We are trained to work in compliance with litigation specific, insurance underwriting & HIPAA guidelines.